Amerikick teaches martial arts for the body as well as the mind and spirit. Besides the physical techniques that you will learn, there will be “Lessons For Life” and “Character Development” programs that you will also learn. All these programs are designed to help you become a better Human Being.

As a new white belt you will begin your “Lessons For Life” program. Every week for the first 4 weeks as a white belt you will have special tasks to complete at home. These special tasks will be part of your requirements to test and earn your first belt! They are:



Clean Your Room

Cleaning your room is important. It keeps all your things from being lost or broken. It also helps mom and dad because they have lots to do when taking care of you. It also shows that you are responsible and acting like a grown up. Perform this task as many times as you can this week.



Use Your Manners; Please, Thank You, Excuse Me

Using your manners is just plain nice to do. It is respectful. And remember the definition of respect is treating others the way you want to be treated. Say please when you ask for things. Say thank you when you receive something or when someone does something for you. Say excuse me when your parents are talking with other grown ups or when they are on the phone. Remember it is important to not interrupt Adult Conversations!


Week 3 FOCUS

Complete Your Home Work or School Assignments

Being a great student in karate also means you must be a great student in school. School is the most important thing you do as a kid. Listening to your teacher, completing your homework right away when you get home from school and completing your assignments/ projects on time is important. Doing these things will help you be a super student and get great grades!



Perform an act of kindness for one of your family members

Being kind to others is another way of showing respect and love for people. Holding the door open for someone or helping your brother or sister do something is showing you care about them. Remember that being kind is one of the greatest things you can do for someone you care about.

CLASSES: Offered as a 6 week course. 

GRADES: All grades can take this course.



VIRTUAL PLATFORM: Classes will be held via ZOOM.  A link will be emailed to you prior to class.

INSTRUCTOR NAME: Amerikick Langhorne Instructor


COST: $90 Per student per 6-week session, Drop in Class TBD, Pop Up Classes TBD.


SUPPLY LIST:  No supplies are needed to take this class.