Self Defense

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C.O.B.R.A   C.A.P. Child Abduction Prevention-Level 1 (Beginner never taken a COBRA class before)

Discover a proven and tested law enforcement-based program to teach your kids to identify predators, bullies and find safety in any situation... without scaring them.  Your child will learn the following:


STRANGERS- what is a stranger? Good stranger versus bad stranger

AWARENESS- paying attention surroundings to people and places

DESCRIPTION- describing people vehicle descriptions and describing and abductor

911-how to make an emergency call through role-playing of an emergency scenario

USING YOUR VOICE- practice drills that builds confidence

PHYSICAL TECHNIQUES- strikes, escapes, biting, scratching, anchoring,

ANTI VEHICLE ABDUCTION- techniques that will help prevent a kidnapping into a vehicle

PARENT TALK- Myth busting- family passwords, how to practice and maintaining an open dialogue with your child.

Level 2 and up - for anyone that has taken the beginner course.

This program continues scenario training from our LEVEL 1 course C.A.P. Child Abduction Prevention.  Kids and women are assaulted and attacked differently. Criminals don’t generally walk up and punch them to gain control, they don’t believe it’s necessary. Just like most fights, it starts with a push, pull, grab, or hold.
This program we add and build through additional scenario training situation.  Your child will learn more effective striking, escaping, anchoring and more physical techniques.  We discuss more about.....
• What is Self Defense?
• Three types of bad guys
• Danger and threat levels 
• Who can hurt us
• Communication 
• What is a soft target?
• How bad guys think
• Verbalizing
• S.A.E. IT
• Stress test- Cell phone test, memorized numbers, names, addresses 

This course will be more physically active than level 1.  Students are expected to know techniques from prior course and will be participating in more scenario situations for class training.


All students will get a certificate of completion, a new color band for the level they are at, our new color of the year t-shirt and the opportunity to win our "TOP TIGER" award.

CLASSES: Offered as a 6 week course, Drop in and also Pop Up classes.   Check the Edgewood Registration page often!

GRADESK-2nd and 3rd - 5th combination classes are offered.  Both for beginner and advanced.



VIRTUAL PLATFORM: Classes will be held via ZOOM.  A link will be emailed to you prior to class.


PRE-REQUISITES: None for beginner.  Advanced class has to have taken beginner class.

COST: $120 Per student per 6-week session, Drop in Class TBD, Pop Up Classes TBD.


SUPPLY LIST:  No supplies needed.  Things that will be helpful for class:  A water bottle, pillow comfortable clothing and sneakers.