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Membership dues and the Fall FUN-Raiser are the two most important streams of income for our PTO.

Membership dues are $20 per family.  These fees support our operation, including administrative expenses (think: financial management software, website and materials fees, insurance coverage, etc.) but can also be used to support other PTO initiatives.  

Membership also confers certain benefits:  invitations to monthly PTO meetings and access to conversations with our Principal and other school administrators; the change to vote on PTO programs, initiatives and Board members; and the opportunity to share your voice in an important forum.  In addition, membership can also mean early access or discounts to various programs.  

To pay your annual membership now please click HERE.

Income from the Fall FUN Raiser goes directly into the awesome programs and projects that the PTO runs throughout the school year!  The PTO helps to support tons of in-school programming (think: assemblies, and staff recognitions events) as well as covering the cost of field trip bussing, operational expenses (think: lamination, teacher supplies) and capital projects (think: improvements, to the entrance, new water bottle refill stations, landscaping, etc.).

We are hoping that this school year is more traditional than last year.  The PTO is always working hard to come up with creative, new ways to help families CONNECT and build COMMUNITY.  Your contribution to the FALL FUN-Raiser will help to support the PTO in the following areas:

FAMILY FUN: Building community connection through buddy-child events and grade level evens such as, a Halloween event and more to be announced.

STAFF SUPPORT: Supporting staff through appreciation initiatives such as Staff Appreciation Days, and reimbursing teachers up to $100 for classroom supplies.

CONNECTION: Building ways for our families to stay connected, such as the Edgewood Facebook Page, the new PTO website and Cub Clubs.

COMMUNITY: Creating a bond between students such as spirit wear sales, the annual yearbook and more.

Rather than ask families to sell things or participate in yet another commitment, it's our hope that we have simplified your lives by simply asking you for your support directly.

To participate in the Fall FUN-Raiser you can simply click HERE or use the donate button at the top of this page any time throughout the school year. 

We know that a lot has been asked of you through the years and is has not always been easy.  We hope that the PTO can be a source of fun and joy during these unusual and unpredictable times.  With sincerely thank you for your support this year and every year.  

The Edgewood PTO Board


Other ways that you can help contribute to the PTO is by simply participating in the programs below.  Its easy and every time you shop the PTO will get a small portion just by sending in your box tops or linking your Amazon account.  

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