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Going with the theme of 2020, this year Holiday Shop will be different. Parent volunteers are not allowed in the school so we can’t do our traditional Holiday Shop. We thought about what makes our holiday shop so special and decided it was the personalized gifts. So we tried to keep this aspect of Holiday Shop in 2020. We have partnered with Square 1 Art to bring you personalized holiday gifts for your family.  We also have two FREE Zoom events on November 18th to help your child create their Artwork where your child can get help creating their ideas from instructors with Young Rembrandts.  This is a great way to have them create something personal with some guidance!  Sign up below to reserve your spot!  Extra PDF's of the paper is below if you need another copy or some inspiration along with some how to videos and tips and tricks and inspiration if you do not want to use one of the templates below.

Square 1 Art is a company that takes your children’s art work and puts it on products. There are lots of products to choose from. The company’s website is www.square1art.com. Typically Square 1 Art is a fundraiser, but that’s not what our Holiday Shop is about. We are giving you guys a 20% discount on the prices, during checkout just use the coupon code EDGEWOOD20. Edgewood will make no money on the sales. There is also a coupon code for a free set of stickers with an order. The coupon code is STICKER2020.

Once your child has made a drawing on the 8.5 x 8.5 paper that we have provided, you will take a picture and upload it to the website. Go to the website and click on the shop tab in the menu on the left. Then click art upload. Then you search for Edgewood and press the continue button. Fill out the form and press upload picture. If you have any problems just search on YouTube for Square 1 Art upload, they have a great video that walks you through it.

The Square 1 Art shop is already open and ready for you guys. The shop will close on November 27th to insure that you get your items by the holidays. All items will ship directly to you. If you have any questions please email Jamie at jobrien477@yahoo.com.

Help!  I need a new paper!

Did your artwork not come out the way you wanted?  Did you lose your paper or spill a drink on it?  Have no fear you can download a new paper here.  Just download and print out this paper and you can start over. 

Tips & Tricks for your Artwork

How to Photograph your Art

How to upload your Artwork


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