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Welcome to the Yearbook Page!  Here you will find information about picture day and how to submit candid photos of events, your child, groups, clubs, and more.  Please use the specific links below to submit photos for the Yearbook committee to consider for this years yearbook.  If you want to be involved with the yearbook committee please send a message to the chat below or use the contact form above and someone will reach out to you.  

Links to send Photos for Year Book

Please click the link to email your photos for the yearbook committee to review and see if they can be used for the Yearbook this year.  Please choose the appropriate link for your photo so it goes to the right place.  If you have any questions please let us know.  Thank you! 

**PLEASE make sure to include your child's name, Grade and Homeroom Teacher in the subject line when you submit your photos.  The information MUST be in the subject line or we are not able to see it.  Thank you.**

Back to School Photos
Book Fair Photos
1st Grade Candids
Kindergarden Candids
2nd Grade Candids
3rd Grade Candids
4th Grade Candids
5th Grade Candids
5th Graders as Kindergartners
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