Young Rembrandts


We’re an after-school enrichment program that meets weekly at your child’s school or daycare. We serve kids ages 3.5 – 12, and we love to draw!

Drawing has special significance for young learners. It is a visual, tactile medium that meets children in their learning need. Young Rembrandts’ unique curriculum engages both sides of your child’s brain so everyone participating can learn and be successful. The Young Rembrandts Method and curriculum offer a form of brain-based learning that is crucial to the complete education and full development of modern minds. With Young Rembrandts, children gain the following skills: Fine motor skills (handwriting), Visual-spatial organization skills, Persistence and follow through, Increased self-esteem, Attention to detail and focus, Strong, diverse vocabulary, Patience, discipline and manners, and Durable self-confidence.

CLASSES: Offered as a 6 week course.

GRADESOpen to all grades.



VIRTUAL PLATFORM: Classes will be held via ZOOM.  A link will be emailed to you prior to class.

INSTRUCTOR NAME: Young Rembrandts Instructor


COST: $85 Per student per 6-week session, Pop Up Classes TBD.


SUPPLY LIST:   You will need to have/get the following supplies ready to take this course.  Paper, pencil, eraser, color pencils, markers, and a standard sharpie.


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